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De Smet Farm Mutual of South DakotaSouth DakotaServing South Dakota from South Dakota


What makes De Smet Farm Mutual different from other insurance companies?

Over 100 years of experience

De Smet Farm Mutual was founded by farmers in 1916 to help people protect their property and livelihoods when other insurance companies would not. Over the years we’ve grown to better accommodate our members’ needs but we’ve never forgotten where we came from and why we’re here.

A local perspective

Our company understands the rural lifestyle and the unique needs of South Dakotans. Unlike other companies that are headquartered in far away cities, we’re part of your communities and committed to them.

Personal service

We’re your neighbors, friends and associates. Our agents live in the communities they serve. If you ever have questions or need to make a claim, we’re right down the road.

When should I update my insurance coverage?

Over the years life changes and so do your insurance needs. Whenever you experience a significant life change it’s a good time to review your coverage to ensure you’re protecting the things that are most important to you and your family.

Some examples of when you should consider a coverage review include:

  • Buying or selling a home
  • Starting or growing your farming or ranching operation
  • Buying or selling a vehicle
  • Purchasing expensive items such as jewelry or computer equipment
  • Changes in your income
  • New driver in your household
  • Renting a new home or apartment
  • Buying, selling or trading of farm equipment/implements

Our experienced agents are always happy to help you review your coverage whenever you would like.

What types of insurance plans does De Smet Farm Mutual offer?

De Smet Farm Mutual provides coverage for:

  • Farms & Ranches
  • Residences
  • Hobby Acreages
  • Automobile and other vehicle types

You can learn more about our coverage options by clicking on the type of insurance or calling us at 605-854-3337.

Do I really need renter’s insurance?

When you rent a property your personal property is not covered by your landlord’s insurance. The best way to protect your personal property is through a renter’s insurance policy. In fact, many landlords require tenants to have an insurance policy. This type of insurance is very affordable and can give you peace of mind during difficult times.

Why can’t I insure my car with De Smet Farm Mutual if I don’t have another policy with your company?

De Smet Farm Mutual offers automobile insurance for the convenience of our existing members. We know it is much easier to have all your insurance policies with one company. We offer great automobile coverage at affordable rates as a service to our Farm Mutual members.

What do I do if I need to make a claim?

De Smet Farm Mutual makes it easy to file a claim. You can call your agent and work directly with them or log in to your client portal.

You can find contact information for De Smet Farm Mutual agents here.

Click here to log in to your account.

For more information or additional assistance please call 605-854-3337.

How do I report a loss?

Please contact your agent or the home office as soon as possible after a loss occurs. Your agent information can be found on our website on the Find an Agent page or on your Proof of Insurance cards. You can contact the home office at (605) 854-3337 or email Please include as much information regarding the loss as you can along with your contact information.

What do I do after my loss is reported?

After the loss has been reported and sent out to an adjuster, the adjuster will contact you and set up a time to look at your damage. If you receive any legal notices or other information pertaining to the claim, please notify the home office or your agent. Do not sign a release or accept payment from others without talking to your adjuster first. Please do what you can to minimize further damage and to protect your property.

What if I need to make repairs before the adjuster gets there?

In order to best serve you and to restore your property back to its condition before the loss, we ask that you wait until the adjuster inspects the damage before any repairs are made. We understand that sometimes this is unavoidable if your property or vehicle needs immediate attention. In this case, please take pictures and save any receipts or parts so that the adjuster can look at them.

What do I do if I need to get a rock chip fixed?

Your policy has no limit on rock chips per piece of glass if you have comprehensive coverage on that vehicle. You can take your vehicle to the shop of your choice for the repair to be done. Give the shop your policy information and have them bill us directly for the rock chip. If you pay for the rock chip repair, please send us the invoice so that we may reimburse you.

What do I do if I need to get my windshield replaced?

A windshield replacement will be subject to the comprehensive deductible on that vehicle. You can take your vehicle to the shop of your choice, you will be responsible to pay the shop your deductible and have them send us a copy of the invoice for the remainder of that cost.

What do I need to do to request a Loss Run or Loss History?

If you need a Loss History or Loss Run for your property or auto policy, please send a request to the home office. The request can be written or typed and should include your name, address, policy number, where the information should be sent, and the signature of a named insured. Requests can be mailed, faxed, or emailed.

Fax: (605) 854-3704
Mailing: PO Box 9, De Smet, SD 57231

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the portion of the loss that the insured is responsible for. Every claim will have a deductible, unless otherwise stated in your policy language.

Will my premium increase if I file a claim?

There are many factors that can change a premium. However, claims that are considered to be “an act of God” will not usually affect it.