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Grain Bin Safety & Tips

Grain bin accidents can happen in seconds. In 2019, 23 people died in grain bin accidents and more accidents are happening year over year. Visit the De Smet Farm Mutual grain bin safety page often for the most recent information and safety tips to protect you and your loved ones from this uniquely rural risk.

Grain Bin Safety

October 26, 2020   |   Category: Grain Bin Safety & Tips

Harvest time can bring a lot of stress, fatigue, and temptation to take shortcuts and not follow proper safety procedures. We care about our farming community, and want to take this opportunity to set out […]

Bin Roof Bulge

October 9, 2019   |   Category: Grain Bin Safety & Tips

Because of the unfavorable harvest conditions this fall it is important to remember to open a lid/door (manufacturer’s recommendation) on your aeration bins whenever you run the fans. Due to high moisture content and freezing […]